On Mille Lacs Lake Minnesota

On Sunday, we drove to Mille Lacs lake to test MyLoc. I am happy to report that the test was successful, and some changes to MyLoc are being made.

Some pictures follow. Enjoy….


Driving on the frozen lake


After checking in to MyLoc, the lat lon values are accurate to 5m. The address isn’t what one would expect..

photo (1)

Please excuse the “ringer” on the screenshot. The green pin was where we actually were. The red pin is the “address” that was returned, although the lat lon values are pretty accurate.


45 Percent Of Americans Think Online Privacy Is More Important Than National Security… — SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 28, 2015

While on Reddit a few days ago, I came across this very interesting article:

45 Percent Of Americans Think Online Privacy Is More Important Than National Security… — SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —.

Needless to say, the impact is significant on the tons of web sites today, that ask you to create an account and/or provide personal information in order to use their services. Including myloc.info where we ask you to create an account using your email address for login.

Here is a statement in the aforementioned article that I’d like to especially point out:

…Most surprisingly, when presented with the statement ‘Personal online privacy is not as important as national security’, 45 percent disagreed…

If I was concerned about online privacy, which I most certainly am, I would probably have reacted similarly. I am part of the nation I live in. And National Security is of course important. But my own privacy is equally important to me. Why, and under what circumstances should I be persuaded to say that my privacy and/or well being are less important than National Security? I would hope that the answer is no reason, and never.

Now here is another very interesting read: Schneier on Security: Security vs. Privacy.

It should be obvious that security and privacy are, and should be, both equally important.

The need for a new location services app

I remember when the iPad was first released. It was a big deal, and almost everyone I know, bought one. I still don’t have an iPad. Not because I can’t afford one, or don’t want one, but simply because I don’t need one. Okay, I guess you could technically say that I can’t afford to buy an iPad, because I have many other needs that supersede the want for a shiny new iPad. But that’s a discussion for a different day.

I already had an iPhone that fulfilled my “need” for a portable touchscreen device that I could use to browse the internet and play games, etc.

Then, more recently I got a fitbit from my wife for Christmas. I didn’t think I needed it till I started using it. It doesn’t change my life in anyway, but I see the value of it, and it’s there on my wrist all the time. It makes me realize how easy it is to achieve a goal (take 10k steps a day) and at the same time brings me back to reality about how much or little I am really staying active.

The point I am trying to make is that there are some things that we think we need but we really can live without. And some things we don’t realize the potential of until we try them.

http://www.Myloc.info to me then, is that “fitbit” of location services. The value of it may not be immediately apparent to some. But try it and I am sure you too will find that it has something of value to you. 🙂

Welcome to MyLoc.info

Dear all, welcome to MyLoc.info and thank you for joining me!

Location services are nothing new, and yet there are times when you need something very specific to suit your needs that is missing from the glut of services that are being provided today.

In my case it was the need for a simple communication device that would let me decide who to and how to send a notification, while I ride my bike over very long distances.

Thus was born MyLoc.info

Read more about it here About MyLoc

If you haven’t visited MyLoc.info yet, please do so now. If you have already looked at the site, and/or registered, thank you! And I’d like to hear from you.

So please, leave your messages on the website, or here on this blog. Tell me what you like and what you don’t. Tell me what other applications you already use that are similar to MyLoc.info.  And finally, tell me what you’d like to see and what you might need in this web application.

This is just the beginning, and I plan to add many more features, including adding native apps for the iPhone, Android and Windows phones.

I know this isn’t a unique or ONLY application that provides location information. Nonetheless, I want to build an application that will have it’s own unique and useful functionality for users that want something different from what there already is. I think I can say that I am one of those users myself. 😉